Not sure if this is the right spot to post this but can you guys reccomend any programs that you use for editing videos (like for youtube) Im looking for something more advanced than Windows Movie Maker and with much more editing options.
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This goes in the MAIN Riffs & Recordings section. Not in Original Recordings. BTW try Steinberg Nuendo. It is a create audio and video editing software. I use Cubase because it concentrates more on audio while Nuendo concentrates more on video.
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Vegas, Adobe Audition (Elements is decent enough), Avid Liquid, and, if you want solid multi-track recording and have money to burn, Nuendo. Try PCMag or PCWorld for detailed reviews on computer video software.
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I use Sony Vegas 8. Works just great for my needs, as I can use up to 4 different video tracks for split screens if needed for guitar melodies in my music videos. You can also make some AMAZING text effects with it. I have yet to do that yet but my next vid as well as all videos after will showcase an intro using text from sony vegas rather than the bland text I've been using with another program.

I've also heard adobe pro premiere is amazing.
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Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects are the top of the line.

I actually think FCP is the best however it's a mac only program and I'm running a PC here. I would say Avid is the next best on the list and its more common in the industry (Last time I checked, Avid was the industry standard)

Premiere is a great program and easy to use however I see it's limits when doing FX type work with it however that's when After Effects comes in and fills in most of the "gaps".
Yea I got Sony Movie Studio Platinum, quite happy with it
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