Hey everyone,

I've just started learning to play the guitar and I'd like to have some suggestions for easy but cool songs to play.

Love to hear from ya!
any of adam sandler songs there funny so they dont get boring as quick as say nursery rhymes!
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Probably the wrong forum.

Also, depends if you play electric w/distortion, or clean or acoustic.

But to help you out, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana... and I dunno. Look up your favorite songs here on UG, then look and see if there's a "Chords" version. That's all I did for my first 8 months o so of playing, acoustic versions of my fav songs using chords. Not really productive, but fun.
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Well what type of bands do you like? No point in us recommending certain bands that you dont like.
Try some ac/dc stuff... The rythm parts are usually quite simple, but of course they have their share of difficult material too...

take a look at "you shook me all night long" for example quite easy
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R n'fn' R!
Green day - Wake me up when September ends
Guns 'n Roses - Knocking on Heavens door Acoustic version

Start with them two first. Really easy.

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Figure a list of slow songs that seem easy from your favorite bands. Look at all their tabs and find out the ones that you think you could play, and give it a try. If you're having a hard time on easy songs, slow it down a bit and practice.
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seasons of the abyss(minus the solo) by slayer is a nice beginner song
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smells like teen spirit (nirvana)is VERY easy...
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Quote by Tubyboulin
Back in Black minus solo - AC/DC

I have no idea why, but I could never play that little lick after the 3 main chords (G-E-D-Bb-A-G or whatever it is). I've been playing for years and can pretty much play any riff or solo out of the '80s, but the timing of that riff still throws me off. Its like a tounge twister for me or something...
But if you are into Metal, try the main riff from Iron Man from Black Sabbath.

Or Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricain.

Power Chords!
All the Small Things by blink 182! That was my first.

EDIT: Actually any thing by blink 182 will work
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Quote by sabbathu
(G-E-D-Bb-A-G or whatever it is)

for a second i thought you were trying to tell me those were the chords, not the lick. I was about to point out that getting the timing of the song was the least of your worries.
tnt by ac/dc easiest song around besides blitzkreig bob by the ramones.
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Hey thanks everyone for those suggestions. I think I'd like more indie rock/alternative stuff than metal stuff though. Maybe some dub stuff too.

Much appreciated though. This is a cool website.
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All the Small Things by blink 182! That was my first.

EDIT: Actually any thing by blink 182 will work


EDIT: Also, try the acoustic guitar forum.
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Hold On/ SOS - Jonas Brothers
I Remember You - Skid Row
Back in Black minus solo - AC/DC
Highway to Hell - AC/DC
Whole lotta Love - Led Zeppelin

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