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ok guys, so i need to know if i should shower tonight.
so heres the deal: i sweated quite a bit today, coz its hot outside.
the bed sheets and blankets are all stinky as well, as my wife is on vacation up in northen ontario somewhere
and wife isn't
uhhhh if you feel the urge to
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dont till the day before she comes home and then clean the sheets and then take a shower

BTW y r u askin us
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well, i DID go for a swim today...if that counts?
and sandman-105, i am asking because i am bored and i really wanna know what i should do
shower and change sheets?
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Wait...wife's not the whole house to yourself...

What kinda shower are we talkin' here?
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Ummm, petrol? Nip down to your local petrol station, buy a litre of the stuff and soak your balls in it, light them up and start playing with them.
Dont drop the soap......
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Why not?

Who cares if you've already had your "daily shower"? I shower four times a day sometimes.
If you're asking yourself this question, then yes, yes you do need a shower.
Oh no he just divided by zero again...*gets sucked into vortex*

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whoa man this is turning into the Dream Theater appreciation thread!!! If only every thread kicked this much ass!

You're welcome
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Dude, see how much you can stink before your wife gets home. Then Oust the place before she gets back.

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Shower and pick up a sliz at the bar. Take her back home.

Wash your sheets though damn.
duuuuuude, **** it, no chicks, its all man power. invite some guys, play some football, play some frisbee, drink your ass off, get sweaty.

Well it sounds like you could use a shower, so you probably should clean yourself. Don't shower though, take a sponge-bath.
let's =)
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this pit is so ghey

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wow a married man is asking the pit if he should shower... sumthing isnt right in that household
Wife's not home. Spankfest.
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dude, letting the pit decide on your personal hygeine cannot be good

and, shower with fapping
its all good
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im so jealous

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Your wife is gone,walk around your house fappin'

actually try doing that while she's there
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