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What are your guys opinions on Favres situation? I personally think what he is doing is not fair. They have had a first round draft pick riding the bench for 3 years and every single offseason since drafted the Packers have been working with Aaron to take over the team. But they have to 'wait for Brett.' No one player is bigger than any team.

I wouldn't trade him or release him. Let him back up Rodgers..
I have no stance on it, but he needs to make up his damn mind.
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I can't see him playing for another team, and his last season was incredible so I don't know why they wouldn't hire him back. I don't know the full situation though, I can't imagine him asking for an insane amount of money or something. I'd give him a very strict contract to make sure he goes to all the practices, does so much lifting and resting, and just trying to keep him healthy all around.

P.S. The fudge packers suck!
Just release/trade him. He already says he's not a fan of the GM (I think that's who it was).
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he needs to go to the bears

the bears need a quarterback who knows what the **** theyre doing, and if Favre goes on the market, the staff in chicago need to take a serious look at picking him up to have a serious shot at the superbowl.
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Don't release him. They have every right to keep him, his contract isn't up for 2 more years. I'd say trade him to the AFC, or keep him and let him fight for the starting spot in training camp. It's his fault for not being able to make up his mind about retiring... he's changed that 3 times now.
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Farve is being an idiot. He's hurting his reputation, and he has done this the past 3 seasons (the packers havent known whether hes coming back or not). They drafted players according to him leaving (Brian Brohm in like the second round), and after all the things the packers have done for him and get something out of him but absolutely dont release him, and dont trade him to where he wants to go trade him to where the packers can get the best deal..
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Quote by KingsofSka

I wouldn't trade him or release him. Let him back up Rodgers..

you obviously havnt read much on the subject

Brett wont be the backup, he will just say in retirement if they won't give him the starting job or trade/release him

they wont release him because the vikings are interested in him and they dont want him to go to any NFC North team, or any NFC team for that matter.

They will either trade him so they can choose where he goes, or he stays retired.
simple as that
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I don't care at all about football, and I'm pretty oblivious to what's actually going on.

however, it does not take much knowledge to understand that Brett Favre needs to stop playing football.
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I love the Packers, and Favre was one of my childhood heroes, but really, he needs to GTFO of my team.

How could you call him your childhood hero and then tell him to GTFO your team? If Aaron Rogers starts and Brett backs him up the organization will realize how bad bad they f***** up midseason and by that time it will be too late and your team will find themselves out of the playoffs and the possibly the Superbowl and the man that could have led them there was on the sideline. In my opinion you have to let Brett come back and start or give him what he wants and release him
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Well Farve definatly deserves to play in in the NFL thats for sure but seeing as the Packers are "turning their backs"(shuning him) on him it puts him in this should i stay or go situation. If worse comes to worse he should just say bye Packers "I'm moving to another team". But not the Bucs cause they need to stop collecting Qbs Godd**n how may Qbs do we need. Oh and I really hope Rogers gets flatbacked every play like Farve did his whole career and see how long he lasts.
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He Neeeds To Go To The Bears
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Why can't this be in the Offical NFL thread?

Anyway, Favre did threw the NFC Championship away.
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He Neeeds To Go To The Bears

read my post^
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My opinion is that the Jets should get him. It's the only fair way.

Let's not get carried away here, the Packers clearly don't want him, but they also don't want to hurt his legacy by playing there. And I don't think Favre would be too excited about playing the Patriots twice a year.
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Let him and Rodgers compete for the starting spot, or let him go. You cannot expect Brett Favre to play backup after the season he just had. I wouldn't even mind if they shared snaps.
i think he's being a bitch. to feign retirement just to get people to fawn over you and then say "just kidding!" ... this isn't the eagles, favre. it's the NFL. be a man and go out on top. rodgers is the future of green bay. i have no personal bias because i'm not a bears fan.

the packers shouldn't release him though. the vikings or even the bears would consider taking him (probably the former more so).

i don't know how anyone could side with favre in this matter.
since this thread will most likely get closed on account its not in the NFL thread,
post your arguments here:

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Why can't this be in the Offical NFL thread?

Anyway, Favre did threw the NFC Championship away.

Yeah But I laught when people say Tony Romos the next Marino or Farve. I laught because both of those guys didn't litteraly Fumble their teams superbowl championship dreams away. My point ROMO they Hired you to throw the ball DO THAT DON"T TRY TO RUN WITH IT YOU DUMBF**K.
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I think that they should let Favre play again. If they don't want him, they need to trade him. They can't release him and let him go wherever he wants to go. That could hurt them bad.
^^People in Dallas actually blame the officials for not giving them a broken-in ball. Supposedly you can see from the film how shiny and "slippery" it must've been. That's really ****ed up how the cowboys lost in the last seconds of both of their last playoff games.

Also if the packers were smart they would trade Favre. They're sure as hell not gonna release him and go anywhere. As stated they're very paranoid about keeping him away from the NFC North. Aren't they trying to prosecute the Vikes for just talking to the guy?

NFL thread ftw btw.

EDIT: People seem to forget that Rodgers was a first round pick and the second QB taken in the draft. If not Alex Smith Aaron probably would've been taken first overall! The packers would be missing the Favre magic but they'd still do great.
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I'm tired of all these athletes double-taking on their retirements. You retire when you know you're ready to retire, not if you think so but not sure. Favre sounded ****ing sure he was done when he announced it, whether he was or not. Stupid asses like Roger Clemens doing this **** really making the phrase "retire" mean more like "I'm gonna quit for now, but we'll see where I'm at in a couple months."

P.S. Roger Clemens is the biggest pile of **** since Pete Rose. We're probably gonna see Clemens in 20 years when he's not a sure-fire Hall of Famer saying, "Oh umm....JK!!!!! Am I in now?"

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brett favre made his decision 4 months ago and he should stick to it. I can't watch espn for five minutes without the latest on his situation. brett (being the attention ***** that he is) wont sit the down and let aaron rodgers play. there is no chance that the packers are gonna win a super bowl with either of these guys so let aaron play and get better.
i haven't watched ESPN all summer (if it's not football season, i don't care).

with the preseason starting, i tried watching it today. and what do i see? brett favre, with his own category in the scroll bar, bitching and whining like a little baby. seriously, he's like a little girl.

and the worst is ESPN. all the favre sympathizers and ass-kissers on there talking about him like he's the christ. give me a break. the packers should just give him to the vikings like he wants. he's OLD. he sucks. last year was a fluke and i bet rodgers can outplay him (he did on thursday night football last year).

stop crying, favre.
if he's not gonna play for the pack, and they're not gonna trade him in conference, and nobody else wants him cuz they don't know how long he's gonna be around, then he should just go back into retirement
the packers should just let him be the starter. rodgers is ****, he can't throw the ball long at all and i think the packers are going to suck if brett leaves.

favre's been the quarterback i've watched ever since i was a little kid. i personally think that favre and rodgers should just battle it out for the starting position. there's no reason to automatically just give rodgers the spot before they've been matched up together. honestly, what would happen if they traded favre and rodgers broke his leg or something, then what would green bay do?
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sorry for the double post, but favre is a legend. he has the most TD passes, most passing yards, most completions, most victories... he also has the most interceptions too, but there's no doubt that the guy is a legend and when he does finally retire, his number four is going to be retired the first second it's eligible.
So After that news conference today it really doesn't look like Favre is gonna play in Green Bay. Which to me sucks ass cus the Pack is my fav team and Favre my fav quaterback. I think it be best for them to trade him to Tampa Bay, and SOON get all this crap done with. and start focusing on football
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he needs to go to the bears

the bears need a quarterback who knows what the **** theyre doing, and if Favre goes on the market, the staff in chicago need to take a serious look at picking him up to have a serious shot at the superbowl.

the cowboys are going to the superbowl, and unfortunately for the bears, theyre in the same confrence, so no shot at the superbowl for them

hah, i actually think if the vikings get him and a for sure number 1 reciver (maybe a chad johnson or roy williams) then thats the superbowl winner....
How about they just throw Bret Favre away, that guy's being a little bitch.
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He's Brett ****ing Favre. The man can do what he wants. He could have waited until just before the snap of the season opener to tell them he wants to play. He's Brett Favre. He is bigger than any team. Since the Packers won their SuperBowl with him, they haven't been the Packers. They've been the Green Bay Favre's.
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Basically they traded one of the best quarterbacks in the game. There is no way Aaron Rogers is goign to be better than him. How the hell is this going to make the Packers a better team now? I would have let him play if I was in charge. All I can say is Thompson will end up getting fired for this.
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Don't care. Go Bears!
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