Yesterday i played my first real gig. I used my carvin Dc-400a and i just wanted to know your opinion on how i did. Im the one who introduced the song in the beginning.

Weve been a band together for 5 months but recently just got a new rhythm guitarist 10 days ago and came up with that song in 2 sessions. A lot of harmony lol.

none taken, first show, the stage was like a 2x4 lol, were gonna right some lyrics, gonna buy a jet pack, fly around and play lmao. What do you think of the actual music tho?
nice song, boring performance, but it'll come obviously, song wise i'd give it a 4/5 considering you're a new band and all
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dw my first gig infrotn of liek 200-300 people i just sat there on stage pretty much i would liek walk up and down but you couldnt really get itno thwe song i did haha

it was a good song though
great song! loved that part at 3:15, dive bomb! then that great little riff was awesome, great job
That was aweful. Im not going to sugar coat it. You guys need practice. Timing is one key thing that seems to be off. Seemed very sloppy. Distortion seemed a bit much. Don't give it so much. Same with Volume don't turn it up all the way.
I think you all did great. Just a small bit of advice - between songs, don't play bits of riffs and stuff. It just looks noobish. Otherwise, you guys were tight. Everything is relative guys, they are just starting out.
i thought you guys rocked for being a new band and all. it was kinda boring to watch but it will get easier every time. when the guy with the ibanez hit the wah peddle i looked out the window to see if my cat was in another fight. no offense tho, really i thought you kids did really well.
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