Personally I'm not a fan of this music but I will be completely honest - this music is freaking catchy. At first I didn't like the tone of the vocals but the tunes are very catchy.

Admittedly I have only listened to "Needle" so far I expect that it would do well as a single if you managed to trim it down a tiny bit - I feel like it drags on a tiny bit. I'm listening to "Heart Beats" now and once again - this is incredibly catchy.

I'm not sure what else to comment on - you've got really catchy tunes that sound like they belong on the radio, and the recording quality is good. My only criticism is that your sound is really generic sounding. You've got some nice little things that set you apart, but nothing distinct enough to make you really stand out.

If you were to release an album now I expect you would release a single or two which would be extremely successful and then you would slowly fade from the mainstream music scene. You've got potential to do well commercially, but I don't think you have staying power at the moment.