Me and my friend are deciding between 3 Metallica songs .....

And Justice For All
Nothing Else Matters

Now I would like to know which song is the most fun and least frustrating for out skill level.

I play the lead and i have been playing for 8 months and i practice everyday. i am very capable to play the main riffs but sometimes i get stuck on very fast solos.

My friend has been playing for about 7 months

we both have tackled some tough songs .......but i just don't know if those songs are to hard for us right now.
why is this in the tabs section? i think the amount of time you both have been playing is too early for soloing, but whatever floats your boat and if you're capable of doing it go for it.
i can play all the sanitarium solos and the unforgiven solo..........thats all for metallica solos
And Justice for all is a fun tune. I don't find anything playingwise difficult about it.