so i know on the guitar end of the spectrum Squiers are terrible cheaply made crap guitars. or that's what they are made to sound like they are (i have a squier and personally like it) but my squiers four string brethren seems to be an awesome bass.... or are squier bass guitars terrible (i have one of them too but a cheap model)? am i missing something? or was like Squier actually a branch from fender that originally specialized in basses?
Squier do make good basses the VM series for example.
Basically, good beginner/modding basses, and the vintage series are worthy intermediate basses.

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I once had a Squier P-bass. Not the same as Fender but still pretty good.
Squiers (not counting the Affinity series, those are pretty crappy) are not as bad as many people would lead you to believe. The standards are respectable, though not anything to write home about. Some of the fancier ones are pretty nice too, but again, nothing spectacular. Just decent basses, worth what you paid and not much else. They get the job done and that's about all you can say about them

However, the Vintage Modified series is where Squier really showed its worth. They are without a doubt the best basses you can get for the price. Many a bassist would agree with me when I say I wish they had been around when I started out, I would have loved to get one of those for my first bass. Hell, if I ever get the money to just blow on a bass I really don't need, I might go get me one of those VM Precision TB "Tele-basses". So what if I don't need it, the damn thing is awesome >_>
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