so i have a strat and i wanna keep the three single coil look but different sound so i immediatly thought a humbucker that fits in a single. which is a stacked right? but anyway then i heard that they just sound like ackward single coils and don't sound like humbuckers at all... any help please?
Malmsteen uses stacked buckers. The difference in sound is noticeable, but doesn't really sound like a humbucker at all to me.
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I suppose you could try rails, but I'm not sure how close they are to 'bucker sound.

They also don't have the pole pieces like a single.
well when you have 2 coils stuck together to make 1 pickup that cancels hum, then you have a humbucker, even it sounds how you want or not is a different story
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You could try some of those Lace Sensor pickups. I don't own any myself, but they sound and look pretty cool.
My strat is equipped with Seymour Duncan Hotrails and I think they're pretty nice. Just about as close to a humbucker in a single coil slot, and I'm finding that they're great for metal/rock. Its also staggeringly easy to do pinch harmonics on them.
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