my girlfriend wants me to write her a song, but i hate writing love songs. actually i hate most love songs in general. i plan on writing it anyways, but does anyone have any tips or suggestions for me because this is going to be tough for me

i've always thought love songs to be boring and too "cheerful" (i risk sounding emo there). but i've been asked too, so personally i would go back to how you first got involved with your girlfriend, and any major issues you've encountered. Also, think if there are any minor conflicts with a reoccuring cause, something like a "motif" in writing/literature. Also, i've always thought vague love songs, ones that can describe many different relationships, to be the most interesting; but, your girlfriend might be looking for a mooshy love song. have fun lol, and just give any ideas a shot; things that she would like might be better than your preference. hope i helped in any way, and good luck
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