Hey Y'all,

I need to complete a solo for one of my band's songs...normally when we rehearse I just improvise a lot, but since we're recording now I want to get something standard written.

The rhythm during the solo is an Fmaj, Am, Gmaj chord progression (power chords). I have a couple phrases for the first half of the solo written...its the second half that I've been struggling with. Any scale suggestions? I start the solo on A, so I'm guessing it should probably resolve to that note?

Thanks for any suggestions!
sorry about that....

its pretty much rock/pop. i can't really define it further than that. It is not metal, hardcore, thrash, punk or anything like that....
Blues pentatonic or even just pentatonic. Always works.

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id say blues, minor, or major pentatonic, or even harmonic minor with little extra bendings for rock notation.
Even though harmonic minor is usually used in metal, rock players like Slash have learned to use the harmonic scale in the rock scene.
Just listen to the sweet child o mine solo, thats harmonic minor, i believe.