i have a 30 watt line 6spider 3 and afbv footpedalwith wah to go with it. but i also have a 100 or 120 watt line 6 spider 1 one amp. is there any way i can get the pedal to work on the spider one. please if any one nos anthing tell me
youre not going to find any answers here. most spider owners have been chased out of GG&A.
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Quote by NackerRrhythmG8
why though i just want it to work
is any oneselling a spider1 pedal

its not going to work.
no one here is selling a spider 1 pedal. LOOK ELSEWHERE.
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I think you need to take lessons before you worry about finding a footswitch that is compatible with your amp.

And I'm not talking about guitar lessons.

I am referring to some grammar lessons!