please someone can tell me the differences between a Fender Stratocaster & Starcaster and a Squier Stratocaster & Starcaster
I believe they are all Squiers so I'm comfused because it seems Squier it's a brand like Fender, please help
Squier is the poor mans Fender
just like Epiphone is the poor mans Gibson
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squier is owned by fender and makes cheaper copies of fender guitars, and are usually made in japan. They also have less quality and are aimed at beginners. I personally don't like squiers.
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I guess you have to start somewhere.

Fender > Squier.

Squier is a division of Fender which makes inexpensive and cheap guitars, generally for new players who dont want to spend alot of money... but its not uncommon for experienced players to buy squiers and mod them to sound fantastic. They're generally the guitars that 1/4 of teenagers have in their room but only play once a year. A Starcaster is the extreme of that; the cheapest of the cheap. Crappy wood, crappy pickups.

A Fender Stratocaster is the real thing. Authentic fender, there are many different models of Stratocasters ranging from 400USD Made in Mexico Standard Stratocaster, to 1000USD Deluxe American Stratocaster, up to the vintage recreation and relic 2000+ plus stratocasters, which have an insane amount of detail and are all entirely handmade on every level in the US.

In essence, Fender > Squier > ...starcaster... xD
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