so i have fruity loops and i looked in the help file and couldn't find my answer so i thought someone in here might know. say i have some drum loops as wav files (which i do) and the drum loop is 120 bpm, but the song i want to fit it to is 140 bpm, i can't get the drum loop to "auto stretch" to fit the sample space right. i can open it in acid, alter the bpm to whatever and import it back into fruity loops but that seems like a lot of trouble. is there any way to change the tempo in fruity loops without having to do all that? i'd figure for that kinda $$ that fruity loops costs they'd include something that simple. any help is appreciated, thanks!
that is a problem with fruity loops thats why u should always save the file as well so then its just a matter of reopening it then stretching it.

but cant u try import the WAV. file and then strectch it ??? if not ill have a look into it
well i did find in the help file that it said to change the tempo, open the editor, stretch it out, then stretch it back (i dunno why but thats what it said) consider me a bit e-tarded as i couldn't figure out how to do that. i just made the stupid assumption that it would automatically stretch it for me like acid does i'd figured there'd be an easier way to do it