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This is a piece I wrote one day, began with the intro which i made when i was stuffing around, and i liked it so i wrote the rest.

I will gladly C4C, so give me your opinion please.

Under The Sun.zip
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I like the melodic/happy feel to this in the intro, it honestly reminds me of the "Breezy" song from Final Fantasy VIII at first. The halfway point reminded of a nursery rhyhme, and the bit before the outro was just awesome as well, almost classical sounding.

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Very good, i could see this turning into quite an epic instrumental if other instruments were added
it flows quite well, the riffs transitioned very smoothly
i really liked the fast breaks toward the end as well
you should look into turning this into an actual song!

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I really liked that, it flowed really well and would sound awesdome recorded, can't really think of bad points in it. It'd be good as a sort of instrymental bass bit played just by itself I think, the you could use it kind of like an introduction if you know what I mean(like Sabbaths Orchid before Lord of this World), but I think if you added other instruments it would sound a bitr overdone, its really nice the way it is.

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very nice
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