I bought some strings from the guitar shop today and it came with a free new leather strap, which looked pretty nice.
Deal is, I'm getting frustrated with the new strap because the holes on the brand new leather strap are so tiny I can't stretch the leather enough to put it onto the strap pin. Anyone wanna suggest a trick to get leather guitar straps onto the strap pin in a much easier way besides pulling it until it breaks?
Well if you're having just an impossible time, unscrew the strap button, poke the screw/ skinny end through the hole, then screw it back in the guitar.

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I had the same problem. Luckily I had some help from my fiance. Seriously cut some away and push hard. Once you kind of get it in. bend the strap outward which reverently pushes the edges that are sticking out...in.

Hopefully that makes sense.
Get a razor blade or stanley knife and cut a slit either side of the hole in the strap, not too much though other wise it's useless.
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