what type of strings do you recomend. i have ernie balls right now and iv been hearing good things about elixers
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save some time/effort and just stick with the ernies dude. they're the best...
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IMO, Elixirs suck on electric guitars, they just don't feel right. But on electric I've only tried nanoweb, and I hated them, they didn't last longer at all, they were very dull sounding, etc. On my acoustic guitar however, they are very very nice. Elixir polywebs on an acoustic guitar sound awesome, however I've never tried the nanowebs on acoustic. Just buy a pack and see how you like them, I'd start with polyweb. Just my opinion.

EDIT: Ernie Balls on electric guitars are the best you can get imo.

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what kind of music do you play? it's all about preference I'd say.
I use D'addario's. really like those!
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DR's are the best. Some people dont like the feel of them but you get used to it fast. They last longer than any other string ive ever played. They sound better than any other string ive ever played. They last longer than any other sting ive ever played. And whats more is i use a pick thats pretty much a chunk of plastic and i really slam the strings and i havent ever broken a DR. Not even a high e. Just buy them and try them out, you wont regret it in the least. Such a bright tone too.
DR or GHS their beasts either way
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