Out of the two guitars, which one is better for playing folk music and music from artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Priscilla Ahn, Mirah, Norah Jones, and others?

I know both are great guitars for being under $300, and both are solid tops. But which one is more better for playing acoustics? Which one sounds more mellow?

I can't go and try any of them out, so I'm really relying on you guys to recommend me the better of the two and order it online.

At $300, you won't be getting any specialized tone for a certain kind of music. Both are decently good guitars, just pick one.
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At the $300 price range, you will get a reasonably good guitar regardless of brand. How it sounds with depend a lot on playing ability. Woody Guthrie would make any guitar sound good. A lot of practice will certainly improve the tone of the guitar. A lot of past maestros sounded brilliant because they where good players, not because they had expensive guitars. Most of them didn't.
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If you are looking for mellow, I'd probably go with the G340SC or even the GS330S. The FG730S is a bit brighter imo. But as has been said, either will do just fine. Play each and decide after that!
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