Im currently in year 11 and im going to be applying to start at university next year. What i need help with is deciding what songs to play for the audition. I need two that are around 1 minute. Right now im thinking of playing the first minute or so of portrait of tracy, but i have no idea what else to do. Im looking at something that shows my skillz, but not invlolving slap, as it isnt exactly my forte. And to make it worse i only have a month to learn them because of a band tour. So yeah, an help would really be appreciated.
I always say, make a solo version of happy birthday. it will stick in their minds. everyone's gonna be running in wit donna lee and classical thump, you'll be the only one doing happy birthday.
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The guy above me has a good idea (Not necessarily happy B-Day though)...

First play your Jaco, so they know you're not a joke and they take you seriously...

Then Bust out something unique and fun, to showcase ability and creativity.
Ive found out that the pieces need to be contrasting, so i need something contrasting to portrait of tracy. also, how difficult do you gauge portrait of tracy as, do you think it will be impressive enough.