Ive somehow lost the awsome calluses i had a few weeks back and i need em back fast, im once again using smaller gauged strings and rubbing my figers through gravel, i also heard puting them in got candle wax works but are there any other techniques?
play guitar like a mofo
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yea people use superglue ive heard

but i agree with homeboy above
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Why would smaller strings help you? I went from 9s to 11s and they suddenly got really hard. Seriously though, play a LOT! Or you could play the bass to get them really fast...
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The only thing that really develops calluses is playing, so get to it!
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play guitar like a mofo

Pretty much. It never happened for me in eight years of playing bass, or since I switched to guitar. Then I got into Megadeth and my fingers were shredded.
just play the guitar, easy shortcuts=no fun, unless you got a coming gig then superglue away
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Surgical spirits! Surgeon’s use it to toughen up delicate skin areas when they need to apply stitches a flesh wound. You can pick it in any chemist.

Failing that. Use 11's and do load of sliding. Acoustic strings seem to toughen up the skin quicker. And play loads.
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I seriously wouldnt advise putting superglue on your fingers, I did it with Superglue that my brother uses for warhammer figures and it BURNED. LIKE. ****. Couldn't play for days.