Ok, I made ALOT of improvements on teh older version. It's WAY beefier

Intro: Disto & Disto Modulated Guitars-
Down 2DB on Both
More Reverb on Disto

Rhythm: Disto G1 & Disto G2 & Disto G3-
G1&3: Bass Boost 200hz 2DB + 100hz 2DB
G1: Up 1.5 DB, 40% Pan left
G2: Mainly played the bass portion of the riff, 30% pan left
G3: Higher mid range + lower bass range, 40% pan right, -1 DB

Solo 1:
Added more chorus
Up 1.5 DB

Solo 2:
Up .5 DB
Increased Modulation

Solo 3:
Up 1 DB

Harmony: Disto G1 & Disto G2 & Disto G3
G1&3: Bass Boost 100hz 2DB
G1: Up 1DB,

Bass Guitars:
Bass Boost 200hz 4DB + 100hz 6(ish)DB

Drums: Track 1, Tr 2, Tr 3:
Bass Boost Tr1&2, 150hz 50DB
Track 1, Added reverb, pan 100% right, +3DB, removed symbols
Track 2, pan 100% left, removed symbols
Track 3, symbols only, -4DB, added delay


The song now sounds a billion times better... in my most humble opinion

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You know your **** with recording, great job. The guitar sounds a little muddy, but i'm probably just used to the ridiculously heavy tone on MOP.

Great job, none the less!
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Thanks man!

Little muddy, eh? hhhhmmmm, yeah. A little muddy. I'll try some new mic positions on the next cover.
Sounds good man, i love that song. crit my metallica covers if yoy have time. In my profile.
Woah...that just made my day. The guitars are the slightest bit muddy, but teh bass has BAWLS. Everything sounds most excellent.
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I'm glad you like the update!

I uploaded my ReEdited version. Then about an hr ago I listened to the studio version again, and I realized mine had HALF the bass it should! So this version in my profile now is the ReEdit V2.0

The guitars are a little muddier, because I moved my Mic half an inch away from the center of the speaker. I thought this would give it more bass... turns out it comes out like that of mud. LOL


Rhythm Guitars:
Up .5 dB

Solo Guitars:
Down .25 dB

Up 1 dB
Bass Boost 200hz&50hz 4 dB

Up .5 dB on both tracks
Cymbol track up almost 4 dB
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Oh. It still sounds good. What kind of mic do you use? I use an OLD Coby lapel mic, lol.
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Cool. I might buy one soon, and I already have a demonstration sound clip. Thanks. ^_^
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this new version is way better then your older one. the bass in this song is awesome

what kind of amp are you useing?
Much better sounding than the other version,

The over all mix sounds more clear and what not.
1st Solo: The only thing I would suggest is getting the notes on time, you have most of them down all you need to do now is fit them in perfectly.

Interlude: Your coming in a bit too late with the harmonies throughout the break down, listen to the song and you will see.

2nd Solo: A few bits off time.

3rd Solo: Seems fine, a bit too fast in some parts.

Over-all good attempt
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Thanks man!

I may have just mixxed the interlude in a bit late. Doh
The last solo is alot of improv stuff. I kept the general location on the neck, but did whatever at that spot. My hand just won't do it at the moment.

I have a youtube video of me playing Tenacious D - The Metal in a brace about 2 weeks ago. I've released a few songs after that, and it really messed up my wrist. The doc said I have to stop re"inflaming" the nerve or else I'll have to get a cast.

So I actually played Orion with my thumb taped to my first finger (fretting hand). That's why I improved the last bit of the third solo. I just couldn't hold it!

I'll upload a pic or make a vid later with me playing it with no thumb