SORRY to add to thesebut i can not seem to write lyrics for my life. I always try to write somewhat metaphoric lyrics, but more simply lyrics that are so simple but can be interpreted by anyone in different ways. Maybe im just looking for amazing lyrics that made great bands famous, but there's got to be a way to get better. I'm into psychedelic lyrics, the kind that seem to make no sense on the surface, but each line or verse is broken down into weird personal experiences. examples: The doors, Jimi hendrix, rhcp (their lyrics are). i think everyone who likes hendrix loves the metaphor of castles made of sand. but how the hell can you come up w/ that!?

i personally love simple yet vague lyrics, the ones that can sometimes be considered weird, but just really make you think. Is there a way to twist lyrics into general statements about love, relationships, and general themes that people can relate to? Or should i set out to write a song about difficult relationships or drug problems, etc. etc.

side note: Also, i have trouble integrating my music with lyrics. i usually write lyrics to simple progressions, and my guitar songs seem to be hard to add music. does adding music to guitar-heavy songs come from melody and scales? that might be obvious but im having trouble

please, help in any way you can. thanks