Hey im looking for a really good sounding small body acoustic any help is awesome thanks
look at the parlor sized fenders & gibsons
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fender acoustic guitars aren't good. they're not bad, but they're not good either.. and isn't that what you want? a good guitar?

What price range are you looking at? Art & Lutherie makes a great little parlour guitar for about $300. Parlour guitars are just great little guitars. Very fun to play because they're so tiny.

I'm not too sure about Gibson parlour guitars. I assume that they do make some since Gibson was one of the first Acoustic guitar makers out there, but in general, Gibsons are quite overpriced. Then again, so are most of the big companies out there(Taylor, Martin, etc.). But of course, they usually make quite good guitars(which is why they can get away with over pricing to begin with.)
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