I'm hesitant to ask here, but I don't know who else to ask.

I need to install a second set of stabilizing screws on my new Grover tuners (my old ones have one, new ones have two). The lacquer on the headstock is pretty thick, so I wanted to drill a good pilot first to prevent cracking.

I don't know what kind of drill bit to use, though. I heard the Brad point ones are ideal, but I can't find any for sale smaller than 1/8" which is too large.

Should I bother searching far and wide for a smaller Brad tip bit, or should I just buy a small standard bit?

Or, what kind of bits are best for drilling through finished wood?
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Just a standard bit will work fine. Make sure though you take like a hammer and a nail, or the bit, and to a small tap where you want the hole to be to prevent the bit from walking. Have your headstock supported well, so that it wont rotate. And just take it slow, and make sure you are going in square.
You wont need a pilot hole for a stabalizing screw I would imagine, just do the real thing.

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