I want to get a neck from warmoth I have a maple body. Should I get a maple neck for it or could I go with a mahogany? Also I play metal I want to get a wizard style neck for it should I go with a 12" fret board radius like an Ibanez or should I go with a 16" like a Jackson. I'm asking this because Ibanez guitars typically come with a wizard style neck. I was just wondering which one would be faster or is it just preference?
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Go for whichever you like best/can afford, you can stick any neck on it. The Warmoth necks have a lot of options (especially the custom ones for not much more cash) as for the fret radius I would say it's entirely down to personal preference.

If you're not sure go to a guitar shop and ask to try some guitars with different radii to see how they feel.
I think that unless you're Michael Angelo you won't notice the slightest difference in speed between those options you're talking about. I don't think you'll even need the Wizard profile, the standard profile is really thin as it is and has awesome playability and I've never felt any limitations on mine. It all comes down to how used you are to it.

The truth is simply that you need to be one of the top fastest players in the world to feel limited by a few inches difference in radius.