Dude, just, dude.
I should probably click the link now.
edit:clicked the link. looks pretty freakin' sweet.
O! music: Click (Youtube)

^ Click to see an acoustic arrangement of Ke$ha's 'Your Love is my Drug' - everyone's favourite song.
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Does it have a double bass?

it says on the bass Section that theyre working on a double bass Accessory

and i cant wait to actully be able to play blackened with bouble bass now

its gonna be so easy then

think about the difficulty the songs will go to after this is realeased

like i cant wait to see a Lamb of god Pack
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Where's the hi-hat?

the Cymbols are 100% move able like on a real kit so you just take the Cymbol you think should be Hat Which is Normally the Blue or Yellow pad

and Put it into a Hat position

i already know how my set is gonna be

No Green pad just the Green Cymbol for Ride
and The Red Pad is gonna be flat like a real snare

its gonna be sick
Damn. That's fawking sweet.

...Well, other than the fact that green is still commonly a crash and that on some songs where there's a fast high hat part, you have to use red.

Other than that, it's fawking sweet.
woow nice
its gonna be expensive
Pull my finger

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i never thought i'd see a $300 video game controller

its more of a Electric Set that can be used as a Rock band Control as well