I'm not spending money on a new guitar so do not answer this topic as such.
I am wanting to put up better pickups on my silvertone apocalypse guitar.
I kept looking and i think i found a good pair in a set. I want to of course
stick to seymour duncan humbucker styles. I am thinkin of using the combo
of the SH-2 and SH-4 models. Do you find this a good model for playing
metal in a drop C tuning or do you have any better ideas. The reason i want
to stick to this type instead of blackouts is bc i know how to install the kinds
like the SH's are so i can save money.
What amp are you using?
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What amp are you using?

if it's a relatively good amp, i would suggest Dimarzio Drop Sonic/ Air Norton combo.
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Don't waste your money.

New amp please.
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yeah uh i just got the amp so thats not really a possibility
plus i like tha amps sound