hey guys im finding it really hard to decide on a combination of pickups for my warmoth strat body and thought you might be able to offer some ideas

I have decided to put a seymour duncan pearly gates in the bridge

I was recommended to put an dimarzio air norton in the neck ( im not sure if the humbucker or single coil is the way to go)

I was looking at getting a dimarzio area 61 in the middle but im unsure if that will compliment the other 2 pickups

I am trying to create a sound some where between Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Phil Collen (Def Leppard)

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


what wood is it made of?
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1 piece mahogany still trying to decide on the best type of neck, any suggestions?
I'd go with a DiMarzio Cruiser, awesome dynamics and it's fat enough to not be shrill like a lot of singlecoils but it still retains all the cluck and twang. Andy Timmons uses them, if you want to hear examples, I'm currently waiting for one to put in my Warmoth (which is also made out of mahogany).