Time for a song this time. I thought up of the first stanza when I took my dog for a walk yesterday. Everything else I wrote this morning. Leave a link and I'll get back to you.

We lived our Saturdays at Jongleurs
Dining heavy and sipping vodkas
Staring at the dancing hot girls
What a time we had
We slept our Sundays on the bare floor
Wishing we had not begged for much more
It felt so far to reach the closed door
What a time to be alive

We worked our Mondays like any other
Lunches packed by fussy mothers
We never felt that they should bother
What a time we had
Home time Tuesday we went bowling
Despite our loved ones' desperate moanings
Won't see them until the morning
What a time to be alive

Wednesday was such a boring day
Nothing much got in our way
I remember what our friends would say
What a time we had
We didn't meet on Thursday night
I went outside, no one in sight
No speck of dust nor pane of light
What a time I had

Friday was when I got the news
You crashed your car as you went by the Mews
Died in hospital at half past two
I cried for days
Saturday was when you were laid to rest
You, my friend, were one of the best
Between you and others there was no contest
I'm still crying now