i saw van morrison at the stockholm jazz festival on friday. what a dick! he didnt say a word to the audience and left during the last song. He didn't play any of his more well known stuff, but did play Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb and GLORIA. I'm never going to pay to see him again, might as well just listen to the CD cos at least that way i get to choose which songs i listen to and don't have to listen to all his odder songs.

Also, saw John Mayall last night at Berns, Stockholm, which was very good.

Anyone else seen these guys?

What did you think?
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Van Morrison, is well known for this, even though he is a genius. I know the guy who handles his security and he says he's a complete tw*t.
Yup, a great musician but horrible guy. Anyone see the last waltz? he plays with THE BAND and walks off without saying anything, while theyre still playing. thats bad. but on the other hand, you dont listen to music cause the musicians are such nice people
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