I recently found someone that lives about 30 minutes away selling an Artic White Fender MIM Strat for 325$. They say it is barely played and are including a hard shell case with it. The only downside i see is that it is missing the whammy bar. I will be trying it out before i buy it but i would like some input, is this a good deal or am i wasting money on a used guitar? Thanks in advance.
Like the whole tremolo, or just the bar?
Eh, you could get one brand new for like 400. So it's really about how much you could spend total. Also, what genres do you play/What amp do you have?
Yea just the actual bar is missing, i use an older Marshall Half-Stack and play music along the lines of Neoclassical Metal and Hard Rock. I am looking to spend the least amount possible, i plan on modding this guitar slowly over the course of a few months so im not worried about electronics too much. I figured since there is a case thrown in its a pretty decent deal since the Fender HardShell cases are like 150$+.

I have not played it yet so nothing is set in stone thus far, mainly i like the fact that the seller is near where i live so there is no waiting on it to be shipped. They also have a high rating on their Ebay account so im pretty sure it will be in good shape. Thanks for the input!
Well the bar being missed is no problem, since you probably won't use it that much, being a strat (your guitar will go out of tune very quickly) and since they are very cheap. If you can, you should probably try it out and check for any horrible scratches or dents and see if you like the feel of it.
i say its sounds like a good deal. play it first though. You can get a bar for $12 at GC and cheaper on MF or ebay. If it's in good condition i would say go for it.
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