Any film buffs help me identify this?
I saw the end of a film last week on telly and I've no idea what it was - something that's really annoying me. My limited knowledge is preventing me from finding anything on google that could help.

  • There was this guy with greyish hair, he had two piercings in his ear.
  • He went into a hospital with a video and told someone there that he & his wife had recently lost a baby, I think the video was an ultrasound.
  • The girl/receptionist told him that the video was ten years old.
  • He had a sort of flashback, this girl (from what I can gather) told him she'd been raped by the pool and had got pregnant (then told him that that was the ultrasound on the tape I think). Then I think he killed the guy who supposedly raped her.
  • He killed himself at the end.

I think it was based on a true story too

Can anyone help? It's really annoying
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Been watching home movies, again?
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A local channel, no idea what day/time.

even though, a local channel will not show more than 7 movies a week at most. therefore, find the week, an approximate time (films are from one and a half to three hours long nowadays.) a little research into the timetables and i think you should be able to find it without too much work.