Please listen to the mp3s on my profile.

I know quality is pretty low and theyre all early demos.

But now that all the writing is complete i have bought some better recording equipment and we are starting recording at the end of this week.

The guitars should have a tone somwhere in between the system has failed by megadeth and Shovel Headed Kill Machine by Exodus (Aggressive yet clear)

The bass will be really punchy and stand out a lot.

The drums will be really powerful like on the black album (but with our own sound)

I know i can achieve all this with my new mixing knowledge + help from a friends bands producer.

Let me know what you think.

Ill update this thread when the demo is complete.
i see no mp3s on your profile

nvm. found them on band profile.

very reminiscent of metallica at some points, most notably in the drumming i think.

the first song is a bit random with the rhythm changes. could be worked on.
solos could be better too.

and the guitar tone on End of Days is mediocre at best (no offense).
reminds me alot of a track on megadeth's most recent album, though i cant recall the name.

its a good start, seeing as theyre only demos. keep up the good work.
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Alright, well normally I don't listen to this genre of music.

At the moment I'm listening to Descent Into the Sky and honestly I'm quite enjoying it. At times the tempo changes feel slightly odd or out of place, but at other times they feel like they really work well. When the solo at about 2:20 starts it sounds kind of off time, so you should fix that, but other than that this track seems pretty solid in my opinion.

Now I'm listening to End of Days. I really, really like that lead part that comes in around 1:30 and I like the way that the bassline sounds. In all honesty I'm not a big fan of the vocals - but that's because I don't really like metal in general. The vocals work really well for this style of music though, so that's good. I'm quite enjoying the guitar solo because it's pretty simple and it really fits quite well.

I really like the way everything sounds in these recordings, even if they are just rough takes. However, the one thing I really recommend you find a way to fix is the sound of the cymbals - they just sound bad to me.

Overall it was enjoyable to listen to, but the cymbals sound really, really, really bad (to me at least). Anyways, I'll be sure to check out any other tunes you post up - especially to see if the cymbals sound any better in future recordings. If you've got the time check out my acoustic solo project (link in sig).