Okay hi guys, my band has been tossing around ideas and tunes for a song, well now that the holidays are here i had time to put everything together but i need some help with lyrics, first off, here's the song's structure:

-Intro - Rythme guitar + me on lead guitar harmonizing
- the Harmony solo stops and rythme guitar plays the bridge
- Verses - Both Guitars (Rythme and Lead), play the intro's "chord equivalent" dubbed
- Chorus - Lead Guitar (ME), a change in the tune
- Verses - Both Guitars- same as before but slightly changed
- Chorus Rythme Guitar same of chorse but the rythme guitar plays it
- Solo - a tapping solo - Lead Guitar
- Outro - Rythme Guitar (the same as the bridge between intro and verses)

- it adds up to 5 minutes, now we have all the guitar parts, then i write the lyrics, i wrote the bass parts and then we give everything to the drummer for the drumm parts.

-is this song structure okay? its a power metal song called The Realms Of Imagination, any tips on finding good lyrics, my mind seems blank.
The way I normally write is to just take it easy, don't rush. Just think about what you want the vocal rhythms to sound like. Go for a walk and think about it if it helps. I wrote most of Hate Epidemic riding to work everyday.

It'll come to you. Just give it time.