Hey all,

Again with some help needed to start off...

Now that I got all my gear and stuff (although playing songs is only possible at VERY LOW SPEEDS, and power chords etc don't work out yet), I also got some lessons coming soon.

But I'm asking you (the UG community) what I should ask him to know if he's a good teacher, and what I should be learning to make sure I'm not paying useless money to teach stuff HE likes.

I'm pretty much into any genre, but mainly heading towards (hard) rock/metal music (not jazzy, although I like it and it's always a plus to be able to play that).

Anyways, how should I know the teacher I'm going to is a good teacher? He's pretty young too (20 years old) but it's what several people recommended me to learn. And some have said he really plays guitar well (but does he teach well?)

That, and pretty much stuff I should learn. It's 15 lessons (1/week) 30minutes each, I should be getting some "homework assignments" too right? If so, what to ask about those?

Tl;dr ::Basically, how to know the teacher is good and what to ask of him as homework assignments/books I should read/how I should continue after lessons/etc... To make sure I'm not wasting money!

Thanks for reading!

P.S.: It's about beginner lessons seeing I got my guitar one week ago and can only play stuff like Godfather theme (most part, intro etc), Simpsons theme (0.2x speed) and basic parts in songs (Who was in my room last night by Butthole surfers, Agony by the Gazette). I'm definitely not an intermediate guitar player.
get him to play some dragonforce

seriously though
if you only started a week ago, it doesn't particularly matter if he's that good a teacher or not, he can get you going. But if many people have recommended him, then why doubt them?
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Well, you shouldn`t have doubts about that. You don`t have to ask good questions to a teacher, because a teacher should already know all these things. You have two types. He asks what kind of music you play and pick songs in that genre that he learns you. Or the teacher that works with lesson books. I have the last one and I think think it`s really helpfull. Because techniques like bends and hammer-ons are explained in that book and the teacher helps you.
you seriously want a beginner to play dragonforce? ive been playing for 2 years and can just play the TTFATF Riff
You seem to know your stuff tbh, but at your level I don't think you need to worry about it. He should be making sure you progress well, but don't think you can blame him if it doesn't go to plan

You already mentioned the test of a good teacher though, if they can teach you without forcing their own musical tastes on you then you're fine. However if he wants you to play stuff that you don't like, as an exercise to get better, he's probably doing it for your own good.

Stick in there, as a beginner pretty much any positive input will help you improve.
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What you like shouldn't really come into it, teachers aren't so much there to teach you songs or genres but universal stuff like techniques and music theory. It's up to you to choose how you use the knowledge you get from them.

Obviously they're likely to use songs as examples, but they're just a means to an end.
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you seriously want a beginner to play dragonforce? ive been playing for 2 years and can just play the TTFATF Riff

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Thanks for all those fast replies already XD.

Anyways yeah, I'm not really interested in learning specific songs (once you're done with those, you're done, finished). I hope he teaches good theory or good techniques cause that'd generally help me get better (and hoping he does this).

Also, dragonforce and him will be no match he hates apparently too metally stuff so I won't be able to get that...

But I guess I shouldn't doubt then. As long as he teaches me techniques, gives me (perhaps) a book and doesn't force his musical taste on me (except for exercises, which I don't mind at all), I guess I should be fine.

Although keep suggestions coming .

P.S.: Nightmare_xxx, what do you mean with I know my stuff <.<; I know how most techniques go but I can't do most of them XD.
Lots of good comments here already. Teachers are there to teach techniques and other things that will help in your playing. Basically, their role is to teach you how to properly play the instrument. If he starts bringing up entire songs to learn, it is likely a good thing, as you are a beginner and it's good to have a few songs under your belt before tackling the giant that is your first song.

Good luck
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