So yesterday, I went to my local Music-Go-Round, and played a wonderful guitar, an Ibanez RGT42FXQM for about $350, nearly perfect condition. Any bad points to this guitar? And what are some of the good things about this guitar? Besides, of course the neck-thru and mahogany body.

I really didnt want to spend over 250 bucks on a new guitar, but should I do this?
I say go for it.
I can't see any flaws.

The pickups are OK, but might need changing in future.
Sunn O))):
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damnnn man, that is nice.
that's guitar porn right there.

As he said, pickups are only standard ibanez ones, but they should be fine for a while. I'd tap that.
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$350 for a neck-through and no edge tremolo? Who wouldn't take that? Like everyone else said, pickups might not be wicked good but I'm sure the are decent since the site says "Killer tone" haha. But yeah, you might need to change then when you get bored.
Woo, an Ibanez that actually looks nice!

Go for it I say!
Hmm, looks like a nice guitar plus it has no floyd rose which is a good point, thru neck provides more sustain aswell, I'm 80% sure.... Only bad thing is the pick ups, I'd probaly put some duncans on there, but that's just me.
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get it
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