IF you have media player on your Pc your can use it for your practice there is a speed option were you can slow down any downloaded tune in steps upto about 50%, this is handy if you are trying to learn a new tune but your not up to speed yet you set the tempo at the speed you can manage then play untill you are fluent, then increase the speed in steps untill you get to real time tempo, this does work you can allso hear the notes clearly as the pitch does not change, handy if you havent got tabs for a tune that your trying to work the notes out, finaly i found this info on another site so i cant take any credit for it just thought i would pass a good idea on ! ................Practise Aid With Windows media player
almost everybody knows this i think but great idea anyway
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I wasn't aware of this. Great info thou thanks.

BTW: you can also do this with Guitar Pro 5.0, OK the tracks have to be recorded to the GP format.
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