So I've been planning to buy a new guitar for a long time now and on friday is the day I will order it. Just have one problem... I havent decieded yet wich one I want!
I hope you can help me on this one, the choices is between this guitars;
LTD V 500
LTD EC 500
LTD EX 400
Jackson RR5
Ibanez VBT 700 (v-blade limited edition guitar)

So there they are.
But the problem's doesnt end there, the LTD DV8 and the Jackson RR5 are more expensive then the other guitars as you may know. It's becuse I will get those guitars from ebay, that way I will afford them but if I do that I must wait for almost 2-3 weeks and I will not have a guitar for that time then becuse I am going to sell my old guitar and that I must do now on thuesday soo... I dont really know what to do, any help is appreciated.

have a nice day!

// rasmus
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i personally would go with the v 500. but it depends what you want personally. and if you are willing to wait.