ok, so i was in a guitar shop with a female companion whos looking for a flying v & there was a bright purple one hanging on the wall. looked like the love child of a kramer vanguard & a jackson king v. however its made by vintage. ive been trying to find some details on this guitar, but the website illudes me.... damn you google. can anyone help? either the vintage website or the model name/number please.
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vintage makes good guitars
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vintage makes good guitars

Aye the do, and they're really underrated. People call them starter guitars, but they are a hell of a lot better.
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Yeah - Considering they're about Squier prices, they punch well above their weight - Trev Wilkinson does a lot of the design and electronic work. Just would be real nice to know a little more of the specs, is all. Solid Wood body doesn't say much, y'know
EDIT: These are the specs I found for it

Vintage Metal Axxe Reaper VR3000BTB/VR3000SWB
Body: Eastern Poplar
Neck: Maple – Bolt On
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Scale: 25.5"/648mm
Frets: 22
Neck Inlays: Pearloid Sail-Fin
Tuners: Wilkinson® WJ05
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic with Stop Bar Tailpiece (Or the fulcum trem you see on the GAK page, depends)
Pickups: Wilkinson® Double Coil x 2
Hardware: Satin Black
Controls: 1 x Volume/ 1 x Tone/ Super 5-Way Lever (Think this must be a '1 bridge coil, bridge bucker, both, neck bucker, 1 neck coil or something)
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Is Poplar any good as an economy wood? I'm not sure at all - I can guess it's better than Agathis ( or 'Commercial Mahogany' as the corporates insist it been known as)
The rig:
Gibson SG faded special -> Marshall MG 50/100 (working on a valve amp)
Backup: Vintage AV1
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i wonder if eastern poplar is like eastern mahogany.....basically another whole diff species of tree? but just like nato, (eastern mahog.) it may sound good anyway
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