i DONT KnOW how to read tabs!!
even lessons cant teach! dont work!
like this... what is THIS!?!?

E--3------------------- E-------------------------|
B---------------------- B--3----------------------|
G-----------0---------- G-----------0-------------|
D----0--------{2}------ D----0--------{2}---------|
A--------3------------- A--------3----------------|
E------3--------34----- E------3--------3h4-------|


plucking or strumm?!?!?!
tell me everything!!!!
Well first you need to put it into courier font so that it's readable.

Now each line represents a string. The top line is you high E and the lowest is your low E.

The numbers represent which fret on which string to play. a 0 means you play the string open. The ones in brackets usually mean a harmonic or a note that you don;t necessarily need to play. The "h" represents a hammer on. Reading from left to right tells you the order the notes and chords and intervals should be played.

Any questions?
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E--3--------------------------| E-----------------------------------|
B-----------------------------| B--3-------------------------------|
G---------------0------------| G---------------0------------------|
D------0----------{2}-------| D------0----------{2}-----------|
A------------3---------------| A------------3---------------------|
E---------3-------------3-4-| E---------3------------3h4-------|

I sorta fixed it

What song is this anyway?

The tab you posted looks weird because it was pasted weird.

Basically, Each line represents one of the strings (six lines, six strings). The line on the bottom is the lowest string (low E). The one above it is the next higher one, etc. The number represents what fret the note is played on. For example, the 3 means the note is played on the third fret and the zero means that the string is played open. When the notes are spread out like this, you play them individually. If they were all forming one vertical line, you would play it as a chord. The (h) means that you need to do a hammer on. The notes in parentheses are ghost notes. They are notes that are played, but quieter than the other notes.

I think that's it