hey guys i posted a thread a lil while ago asking about new guitars. Welll i havev narrowed it down to 2-A Gibson Les Paul Classic or A Firebird 5
I play mostly classic rock like Zeppelin Beatles Who I'm a huge aerosmith fan also some ramones green day blink 182 so i play pretty much alot of genres but mostly classic heavy rock is my passion-your thoughts? thanks
Les Paul, oh and please learn to use punctuation properly, at least in a way that can be read.
epiphone gothic lp
ibanez arc-300
epiphone traditional pro lp
vox ad100vht head.
vox cab
Does the LP Classic still have the green inlays and ceramic pickups? If you buy it pm me and I'll teach you how to put regular inlays in it. It's simple.
Well, I would have said the Gibson Les Paul Traditional, costs a bit more, but I'm guessing it looks better because it has the normal inlays, and it's all made from the 70s specs, so it'll get Aerosmith down.
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