No No No! Not that type of pillow talk (though we can talk about that if you want...PM me )

No, i need to sleep, and now.

I got work at 8pm and i need to catch up on my sleep.

I tried staying up till 6am this morning but could only manage till 3am (due to a long weekend of clubbing, drinking and driving...Not all at the same time, because thats pretty illegal )

I need some sleep to re-tune my body clock or i will suffer!!

I've tried sleeping till 1Pm...Didnt work, damn.

Any ideas?

BTW: No drugs, alcohol or anything that requires me to leave my house. I'm just wearing boxers and cant be arsed to get changed and drive anywhere till later.

Thanks in advance
crank some white noise (well dont crank it but lsiten to it) it actually helps me quite a bit
They credited us with the birth of that sort of heavy metal thing. Well, if that's the case, there should be an immediate abortion.

-Ginger Baker
Not sure if it's any use, but when I haven't been sleeping very well I pull an all-nighter and get so tired that the next night I can fall asleep at about 7 and wake up late next morning no problem.

But when I can't sleep I lie down listening to Sigur Ros really quietly and concentrate on putting each of my limbs to sleep one by one. Sounds stupid but works for me.
Or if you read for a while your eyes get tired but keep going until it's hard to carry on and your eyes will close automatically.


I was much further out than you thought
And not waving but drowning.
I was much too far out all my life
And not waving but drowning.