How long do batteries usually last with active electronics and if they run out with the bass revert to passive or just cease functioning?
If you unplug the bass when not in use, they can last 6 months or so with ease. When the batteries die, the bass ceases to function properly.
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A battery can last 9 - 12 months, though I make a habit of always putting a fresh one in before a major gig, because when they die, they die. My Ibanez usually will distort horribly though right before the battery dies and then no sound at all.

And yes Jack is right, don't leave your active bass plugged in when you're not using it; it drains the battery.
Gdgd, I was almost put off getting an active bass cos I hate having to power things by battery but at least 6 months is loads of time. I assume they usually take 9v batteries.
they are 5 tot 6 euro's each and mine lasted for 12 months...

have JUST put in a new battery and it is back to normal!
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they last a while if you dont play plugged in that much... which is how I do. I don't need to amplify unless I'm with the band or trying to make a demo of something.
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