well, i sent my guitar to the shop a while ago (Reston music. a very local store. if you live in northern VA, DO NOT go there. wourst music store ever.) and basicly they ripped my dad off and gave him back a guitar with some minor scratches (FFS). this is not a rant about the music store btw. so... now, how do i get the scratches off? they are very minor and can only be seen when you shine in the light at a certain angle so it isn't the wourst thing if they are there forever. my dad saw a few things that he thought would help:

- Scratch X - this is a car scratch remover. it sounds like it would work but it is made for cars and not guitars so i'm a bit scared to use it.

- gliptone softouch towels - towels with rather fine fibers that appear to be fine enough that they wont scratch it more but again, made for cars not guitars.

any other ideas on how to remove my scratches?
any decent guitar polish will work
second thoughts any guitar polish'll help
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