So, i bought a dismantled Ibanez RG, with some parts missing, i want to know where i can get those for a cheap price. First off, the locking nut is missing the screws and bricks, and second the two long screws that is holding the trem to the body is missing.
Also the screws (and the round thingies in the hole, dunno the name) for screwing togeather the body with the neck, is missing too.

Help please, thanks <:

By hanserik
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ibanez does a lot of proprietary hardware for their guitars
the things that go into the recessed holes for the neck screws are called ferrules. you can get them from stewmac.com, but they'll be a little smaller, but they'll still work.
MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT SCREW LENGTH FOR THE NECK!!! and make sure you put the right length in the right positions.
as for the loking nut, you can buy the nut blocks from stewmac or some other parts supplier.

the pivot posts for the tremolo are going to be a little bit of an issue. once again, these are Ibanez-Proprietary. you have the inserts in the body that the posts screw into, and the threading is unique to ibanez. you gotta get ibanez pivot-post screws.
Woh, thanks man! I'll check my local music-dealer if they can order spareparts from ibanez.
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In general, you can not find the nut clamp screws at a hardware store, as they tend not to carry the right size. You'll want a fine threaded 3mm. You can only get the trem posts/studs from a guitar parts dealer. Gotoh will work. For the neck you'll need the screws and the bushings. For the trem, I would just get a new one. Those were garbage, single locking, units anyway and aren't going to be worth the time to find the parts to fix. It looks like some of your saddle screws may need replaced, which are impossible to find at a hardware store as well. The neck screws/bushings and trem lock blocks/clamps and their screws will be easy and cheap to find. The trem posts and studs won't be, and a new trem comes with them.
I am going to lock the trem so i can use it as a alternate-tuning guitar (maybee i dont need the nut clamps then?). Dont really want to change the bridge, but if there are some cheap ones out there ill check it out. ebay maybee.
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