I'm really interested in this product.
It just came to Israel... and well, i really like the fact that it's a tube amp and cheap one, but is it good?
can it handle blues and classic rock? also if I plug OD/DIS pedal would it handle some shredding?
I want the 15W one (is there more?)... is it fine for practicing home and playing with friends @ garge?
should I buy the head and get a good cab or the combo is fine?

Thank you!
15w is more than enough for home use. You'll probably be using the 7w setting mostly in your house, and 15w at practice. I have an Orange Tiny Terror, which is pretty much the same thing. A good overdrive (don't get a distortion pedal) should do extremely well, I'd suggest a Tubescreamer clone, or maybe even a Marshall Guv'nor (quite fond of those actually).

As for the head & cab/combo decision, that's really just a personal decision, but if the combo is anything like the Tiny Terror combo, it will be a bit more bluesy than the head and cab. If you do get the head and cab, get a good quality one too, a **** one will affect your sound in a very bad way. Maybe a Marshall 1912 1x12.
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first of all

USE THE SEARCH BAR. i know for a fact there have been quite a few threads on this and no one thinks they have to follow the rules anymore by using the search bar first....

anyway, yes the amp will handle exactly what you want. i have clips on my profile, listen to them. and i suggest getting the 5 watt little giant unless you're gonna be using it to gig.

w/ an OD you can do some shred stuff but it's british voiced and not the best for shredding. but that comes down to preference and how you like ur shred tone. remember, w/ it being a tube amp it'll be a lot more articulate on your playing. so any mistakes or sloppy technique WILL show.

and if you get the mini stack, the cab that comes with it is really nice. stock it has an eminence speaker. it'd be great sounding by itself, but if you get a bigger cab later on down the road you could get some even nicer speakers i suppose. just don't think that the stock cab sounds like crap, cuz it doesn't. 12'' speaker.
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