My song is basically:

D11 C Esus4 Em D11 C Esus4 Em
I will tell your ear alone, at once what's become, I looked and loved everyday, and she'd send her love my way,

D11 C Esus4 Em
under burnt skies, I fixed my eyes, towards a path so near,

D11 C Esus4 Em
her aurora resembled a crystal, my lady, the moon.

All the chords are 8th notes picked a measure then changed. I want this to be a folk song, i.e City and Colour, Rocky Votolato. Both of those artists have really great transitions. So aside from a changing this(I will add intro/solo/outro) what could I do to liven up the chords and what are some of your favorite was to transitions chords?
Like pulling off to another and things like that.

Any advice would help!
If I'm not mistaken, the folk genre tends to slide to chords or simply change to them without any fancy pantsy stuff. Maybe try adding a small suspension to some of the chords while picking and then take it off before you change to the next chord? Just experiment. The possibilities are huge.
Portugal. The Man »–
Well then forget that I mentioned folk. Tell me the most badass of transitions.
Hmm in that case what you want to do is play reverse handed, behind your back, blind-folded while doing your taxes....

On a slightly more serious note jasonmetal love has got a good point, it really helps to make dull progressions sound interesting.

Have you tried learning songs by the artists you've mentioned, check out what there doing and learn that then try and build on it.
Also just jam out and try and think of new ways to transition, when i compose most of the stuff i really like comes from improvising and jamming.

I'm sure someone with more knowledge in the subject will stop by in a bit.

On a side note, why blind fold yourself if you're already playing behind your back? Just seems like a waste of time to me, however the guitarist i met at some pub a while back seemed convinced that being able to do that made him the best guitarist. . . .

Either way have fun with it and i hope it works out.
I'm experimenting, but it's never bad to have the one random person come here and drop a great idea.