I now have a Zoom GFX-3... I think the preamp/effect box is okay, but it's not really perfect for recording. I'd love to have a better tone for the recordings.

The Zoom G9.2tt looks amazing; and I have heard some vids on youtube and they sound frikkin' amazing.

Do you think it's worth buying this preamp? I use my computer for recording so I don't have a real amp.. only using a preamp.

Thanks in advance for answers! =)

Fredrik P.

it'd cost me about 400$; thats exactly the amount of money I have. After my birthday I'm going to save for a new guitar..

And also, I could buy a Line6 POD X3 for about 500$ - I don't really know if this could be used as an amp if I put it into my Lexicon Omega; but if so.. would this be a better treat?
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me, i would go with the line 6 x3. I was playing that and a bunch of other multi effects a few weeks ago in sam ash, and i have to say it was pretty good, but i still havn't played the boss gt-10, i loved the gt-8 but i don't know.
i think its great dosent sound like a halfbreed like the valvetronix, but the tubes just enhance the effects and sound alot it they really do make it sound better.
If you want ultimate flexibility get a POD X3, if you want the best modeling has to deliver tone wise with not as many bells and wissles without havving to buy a TC electronic nova system, then get the zoom, not that the line 6 is bad by all means its onw of the best modellers out there, but i just think it sounds a bit thin compared to the zoom, but the 6 has a lot to offer and still sounds good.
Hope that helpt.
Ok thanks for the answer.. I'm only thinking tonewise as I don't like using effects really. So you think the Zoom has some good tone?