Poll: When Do You Brush?
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brush before I eat
15 19%
brush after I eat
55 71%
brush before and after I eat
2 3%
other (ex: mouthwash)
6 8%
Voters: 78.
So UG, do you brush your teeth before you eat breakfast, after you eat, or both? My friend had just called me and I told him that I had just eaten and was going to brush my teeth - which he thought was wierd because he brushes before he eats.

Anyways, I'll put up a poll and let you guys vote.

For those of you who don't eat breakfast, just choose what you would do.
After usually. What's the point of doing it before? You are going to eat.


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I brush after - my teeth are slightly wonky so food can get stuck in them, meaning it's easier to brush after breakfast than before.
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I brush before I go to bed. And that's the only time I brush.
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Usually after, when I was young I used to brush before because I liked the taste of food after brushing my teeth.
After lunch and then before bed
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After breakfast, before I go to sleep.
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Ahh crap, I voted the wrong option. I always fail

Before breakfast for me.
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How can you brush before eating? It would totally ruin the meal and void any point of actually brushing your teeth.

I brush at night, and after dinner if I'm going out, I really should brush in the morning but I can never be f**ked

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Before breakfast for me.

When I wake up and before I sleep. Also if I'm going on a date or somewhere important or something.
When I wake up, after (if) I have breakfast. I usually don't have breakfast though. If I have a minty taste in my mouth I feel sick if I eat anything.

Before I go to sleep, after I've had something to eat. I use mouthwash both times too.
I don't brush before or after meals, only on a morning before I go out and usually on a night before I go to bed. Oral hygiene isn't that high on my list of things to do after I eat.
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off topic, this poll closes on my birthday, lol

Cool. I just thought 30 days would be long enough to leave the poll open.
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In the morning sometimes, always at night.

Same here.

I never brush before breakfast though.
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Once before I got to bed. Mouthwash too.
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Always in the morning and at night, and before I go to work if I'm working.

It seems pointless to brush your teeth before eating, as brushing your teeth removes food particles and stench from the food in your mouth. It also tastes disgusting. If you only brush your teeth before breakfast you're still going to have bad breath until you brush them again.
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Before bed, after breakfast
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i normally just brush them in the morning. but i dont normally eat breakfast. so before i eat i guess, but its not like i brush them, and then immediately go and eat.
after breakfast, although i haven't actually had breakfast in ages. so just when i get up really.
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Am I the only one that doesn't brush their teeth at all in the morning? I have always brushed them once at night, and they are pretty clean, I have never had cavities, and my dentist said I am doing good keeping them clean.
After breakfast and then before I go to bed.
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Before I eat in the am ALWAYS.

Sometimes Ill skip out at night on rare occasion if Im tired

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what is the point in brushing before you eat? you brush, and you're just getting your teeth dirty again and your food is gonna taste minty X(
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