Recently I've been looking to buy a new bass and I have come down to two choices the Musicman Bongo or the G&L L-2000. I've tried both and they have the sound and feel that i'm looking for I was just wondering if there are any advantages to getting the G&L even though it's cheaper, seeing as how they are handmade.
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I liked the bongo better (sound and look),
but it's your call

wish I had that much money
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the bongo sounds a tad better but the G&L looks soo much nicer
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go g&l if you like the sound of both of them. the bongos arent very attractive in my opinion.
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buy both.
if i had to choose just one, i would get the G&L because of the feel of the neck.
but thats just me. the Bongo is well worth the money.
Thanks everyone! I think I'm gonna go with the G&L now. Now the only thing to choose is the colour I want.
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Personally I'd go with the bongo, turn heads, and then make them do a double-take when they hear it SOUNDS amazing too.
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greenburst if you can. and I like me them G&L's, very good feel.
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